Adolescence and Drug Medication Use

Adolescence and Drug Medication Use




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Thesis statement

As noted before, adolescence and drug medication use has become an issue requiring absolute and keen level of observation in respect to the changing times and levels of scientific modernism; this therefore implies that more parties are required to apparently conjoin efforts to spearhead the efforts to reach a calm resolve of finding the most appropriate methodological expertise to contain this situation with the efficient level of clemency.

Background information

Drug medication use poses to be amidst one of the most critical topics that have so far and wide been addressed to be a major issue of concern over centuries. When used appropriately according to the proper medical prescriptions they are equitably and highly efficient in meeting their most resolved appropriate functions to aid and abide the healing process of a diagnosed disease in patient’s .However given the unevaded anomie of having its positive effects so do they have their numerous quadruple negatives if wrongly used to fit suit uses that they are not meant for when in the wrong encompassed use since intense and adverse effects might be experienced leading to unwanted presentiments as a result of misguided decisions.

Nonetheless there has been invasion of the Medicare systems, which has seen the impersonation of health practitioners who are not equipped with the appropriate skill set and requirements’ to perform certain health drills; this has heightened the level of threat to which the Health sector faces in attempt to coerce future predicaments that face our future generations and most precisely, adolescence and the youth that are the hope of our future (Kandel & Logan, 2014).

Body paragraphs

Adolescence period is one of the hallmarks periods that draw the gradual transmission of childhood to adulthood different from, all other unique and diverse societal practices that are also imposed on different cultures to mark this stage. In this era of scientific modernism its unique attributes involve ;change in the body structure given the evident and more desirous levels of masculinity in males and feminine qualities in females as their bodies secret more hormones responsible for different shape shifting attributes. However ,it is important to identify and note that with adolescence comes the change of retrospective and counteractive ideas and decisions that if not well pruned may lead to poor life expectancies due to drug medication and substance use .At its infancy adolescents tend to formulate new sociological habits of dependency ,exploratory and pro-active antagonistic behaviors’ that are bound to make them feel radically free to do and decide anything that they see best fit to morph fit their bewildering ideas that may be orchestrated as a result of personal decisions while others may be due to uneventful circumstances some of which may be due to drug and medication use as will discussed below in this consigned paper (Goldman et al , 2008).

Social recognition

As observed that the dawn of this stage comes accompanied by different hormonal changes; some of these changes are meant to co-ordinate different levels of intellectual perception and reaction towards the external approach to the surrounding environment .Hence during this maturity period some level of pride, ego and personal morale may be influenced through a lot of things. One major stance for instance is the outward self-appearance and self-esteem .Women in adolescence may tend to use drugs to alter their body appearances’ to attract prospective opposite sex whereas the male counterparts may use the same drugs to boost their masculinity to correspond the latter’s responsive attention seeking mood to engage socially and sexually ,this for one is an action that according to the appropriate expectations is a violation to drug medication use since however glowing and attractive they will be at the eventual final stage when the drugs wear out they would have lost their appropriate body postures (Kandel, & Logan, 2014).

Peer pressure

In the attempt to fit within this muse of changing times, adolescents tend to desperately prove and show off their ability to glide through different numerous encounters of peer pressure which, most of the times will be accustomed by drug medication and substance use to outwit their fellow peers on their different levels of supremacy an action which may prompt rational decisions so as to overcome the negative level of subjected mockery that they may have to condone if they choose not to participate in what the other peers do. Such pressure has been known to push to limits; the level of intake of substance abuse consumed by one individual thereby leading to addiction as a result .It is hereby advisable that the parties involved should beware to offer guidance at the initial stages of this phase (Goldman et al , 2008).

Cultural expectations

Distinct and diverse cultural levels of unbridled understanding on the ir contingencies about adolescences depending on the genders of the subjects. This therefore observes why different cultures observe different traditional ceremonies to cover their adolescent phases. This emulates that each have their own certain credentials under which according to their different orthogonal pre-connived notions illuminate certain qualities and attributes to be followed after the eventual completion of their said ceremonies to crown this stage .A formidable example is the pressure mounted on the elder children in most of the communities’ ,this is because they are acknowledged as the mantle of the family and it is therefore considered that they should level up to the task and show a considerable high staked measure of success (Chen & Kandel, 2015). It is in such level of pressure that adolescent individuals may withdraw and seek sanctuary in their meditation process through drug medication and substance abuse in having to overcome and withstand any encountered failure that they might undergo.

Counter perspective

In reproach to impose measures’ to control this plague that seeks to doom our future generation there have been numerous counter perspectives to aid the rehabilitation exercise of having to regulate and if possible bring to an end the vices that our adolescence teenagers indulge (Kandel, & Logan, 2014) .Below are some measures that can be exercised to support our adolescences.

Organization of pep talks and rallies

However much deluded it may sound ,social conventions can be one of the most proficient and productive exercises to reduce drug medication and substance abuse in adolescence (Harms, 2013) .This comes due to the obviate result of the one on one conversation that they might indulge in during such initiatives since they are able to actively participate in observing the effects of wrong choices and the loop holes that may come as the result of their clumsy motives and how best they may avoid getting into such scenarios.

Creating entrepreneurial development trust centers

Such ,may help adolescences indulge their minds in brainstorming logical ideas that they can relatively convert to profitable business ventures in lieu of indulging in inappropriate habits that may either way dent their reputations throughout their lifetimes .Furthermore such enterprises may offer loans and spearhead national development since more money will be invested.

Recruit more adolescent youths in non-experienced forums

Such may involve training adolescences youths on the social conveniences’ of national building and offering certificates and monetary awards to those who show a relatively out of context desire to actively get involved with such this helps ease the holiday tensions since they are pro-actively engaged in performing nation building errands (Kandel, & Logan, 2014).


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistications ,this therefore implies that with top notch ideas that are sensible and easy to implement ,we will be able to perfectly encompass our adolescence on the adverse effects of wrong drug medication and substance use and lead them into emulating profitable ideas that will rather help them instead of soiling their lives with regret that unfortunately with all level of preciousness cannot be rewinded .It should therefore be everyone’s effort to actively and stoically participate in acting as moguls to our teenagers. (Torregrossa, Barker, & Gourley, 2018.)

Feedback reflection

The feedback response from the instructor on activity 1,2 and 3 were instrumental in the final assignment since more deep intuitional thought of paragraph building were employed .More intrinsic insight and the level of dexterity used was at per with the relative trending ways on the subject discussion. (Harms., 2013)

  • Give a thesis statement on adolescence and drug medication use
  • Background information should be clearly outlined.
  • Edit work to avoid grammatical errors.
  • Activity 3 was good.


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