Bullying in Schools

Bullying In School Never Rules






Bullying In School Never Rules

Even though various people believe bullying only affects the victim, it also affects

InnocentBystanders and the School system as Bullying can lead to violence that creates a fragile

Schoolenvironment and Innocent bystanders become less involved out of fear. Hearing words,

as you’re ugly, you’re overweight, or you’re a loser. How do those words make you feel? Has

somebody made you or anyoneyou know feel totally insecure about him or her? Each person in

thisroom has witnessed or experienced a particular form of bullying at least once in their life.

Innocent bystanders in schools remain afraid to stand up to bullies based upon possibly being the

resulting victim, by not only the bully however in particular cases the victim. According to

Martin Luther King Jr., it is the silence of our peers that we remember. He quoted “In the end,

we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Where do

you consider children protected? Other than our “home sweet home”, School environments are

what we hope to believenonviolent for children. However, without the proper precautions, it has

and can become several students living nightmare. Our responsibility to educate and spread

awareness on how it ruins lives to support our following generation.

Being a victim of bullying causes anenormousamount of insecurities. Each person has felt insecuritiesconcerning themselveswhen looking in the mirror or failing at a task. However,visualizethose judgmentswhispered from another person out of dislike, does it make you feel embarrassed? Considering themselves as unworthy, helpless, and that life standsimprovedwithout them is now student’scontemplations. Acts of violence, not all leading to tragic death is anoutcome of bullying behavior. However, the common event concludes withthe suicide of the victim. For example, “Sarah Lynn Butler hung herself while her parents were out she left a suicide note saying she couldn’t handle what other students were saying about her”. (puresight.com) Nominated as ‘Queen” for an upcoming festival, bullying took over Sarah’s existence. Controlling her to her death, Sarah was only 12. There is no particular category that bullying relates to however our children are dying, killing themselves over words and peer pressure to fit in. According to website Make Beats Not Beat Downs “The American Association of Suicidology, AAS reports that suicide rates among 10 to 14-year-olds have grown more than 50 percent over the last three decades”. (Makebeatsnotbeatdown.org)

Although your child may not be the actual victim of bullying, being a bystander or a “hero” has its cons. “Do the Right thing” is a saying youinstillin your children through their adult yearshowever what does that truly mean? That saying holds asignificant amount of weight, except it varies for the individual on what the right thing exactly is for them. The majority of students decidenot to intervene for countless reasons, social status, afraid, or what should I do? The newanxiety about the outcome pervades to “Better him than me.” According to the Huffington post website “As Barbara Coloroso (2008) points out in her book “The Bully, The Bullied, and the Bystander”, young people are keenly aware that kids who bully are quick to disparage and malign anyone who tries to intervene. The intimidation factor is forbidding.”Taught as a young child to seek the help of an adult, when in danger. Cravingto belong changes that golden rule amongst bystanders. “The unspoken code of secrecy, especially among kids who are between the ages of 11 and 14. No one wants to be called a tattletale or a rat, so they turn their heads and try to forget about it. (Gordon. S). Educating our youths to understand the difference between “tattling” and reporting has to be done to prevent further damage.

“Bullying poisons the educational environment and affects the learning of every child.” (Dan Olweus) What does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means; malicious acts of bullyingprevent our children, our teachers, and the school from being a healthy and secure environment. How does a child stop being bullied at school? That child becomes frightened to attend school or takes matters into their hands. For example “14-Year-Old Boy Killed Bullying Classmate Who Demanded Cell Phone Back’’. A victim of bullying for three months Noel Estevez remainedpetrified for protection from having borrowed a cell phone from the attacker Timothy Crump. A cell-phone leads to this act of violence; Estevez proceeded to take matters into his hands that last brutal attack from Crump results in his death. Stabbing Crump until his last breath, Noel Estevez now stood as a murderer in the public eye. Two troubling individual’s lives are over, why? This behavior contributes to a frightening scare of others who attend this school. Dreading for their lives while trying to acquire an education, academics begins to lack as students urgeto stay hidden from bullies. Statistics show “Every day, 160,000 students skip school because they are afraid they will be bullied.” (dosomething.org) Our future generation of lawyers, teachers, or even the next president stands “falling by the wayside” asaneffect of this behavior.

Bullies in the school environment every day, creating damage to our youth mentally and physically, remain victimizing students across the world. The time for Education Administrators, Parents and Students to intervene and call for action against Bullying is now. Not only will intervening support the prevention of bullying in schools around the world. By enforcing positive social interactions, inclusiveness of all cultures, students will feel safer to report to adults when in jeopardy, less violence will occur in the school environments, and blissful students continue to prosper and progress to living a healthier life. This solution comforts your family to feel safe concerning your child physical and emotional well being while in the hands of others and gives education administrators the chance to feel safe while doing their job and regaining power. Become involved, take action, and defend our future, each student is someone’s child, friend, or relative. Don’t let yourterror of union deprive our following generation of their life.


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