Case Study Lopez vs ExtremeNet

This case study is for review of our company ExtremeNet. We are a well-known global company that helps our clients with many internet services. One of our employees, Mr. Allen Lopez, has been a very good worker in middle management for seven years now. Recently, He has been noticing that employees below him are being mistreated through the different changes we have been making due to the economic downfall. He has voiced his concerns to his superiors, but felt as though they had more important things to deal with and was ignored. Mr. Lopez then proceeded to create a website that told a very sarcastic fictional story about the treatment of lower-level employees by their superiors. The company in this story held an alikeness to ExtremeNet, and because the website got so much attention, it has been brought to our attention as a concern.

Should Allen Lopez be allowed to keep his job with ExtremeNet?

After reviewing many different options and ideas, I believe that Mr. Lopez should be allowed to keep his job here at ExtremeNet. If we were to terminate Mr. Lopez at this time, there could be a possible civil rights case stating that he was only using his freedom of speech when creating his website. This situation could also become a whistle-blowing case against us. My reasoning behind this decision is based solely from an ethical and legal standing. Since Mr. Lopez has already voiced his concerns to his superiors, he holds a strong hand on this company to give away our secrets by form of ‘whistle-blowing’ if he is fired. It would be in the company’s best interest to allow Mr. Lopez to keep his job at this time.

Should ExtremeNet attempt a lawsuit to force the removal of this website?

I do not believe that we should attempt a lawsuit forcing Mr. Lopez to remove his website. It would be considered unethical to make someone remove a website due to his civil right in freedom of speech and truth telling.

How can ExtremeNet’s leadership best respect the rights of Allen Lopez and ExtremeNet?

ExtremeNet’s leadership can best respect the rights of Mr. Lopez by remembering that they need to put the company before other problems. By allowing him to keep the website he created shows that we are respecting his Freedom of Speech and allowing him to have an opinion. At the same time, we are showing that we have dignity and control over the situation.

How can ExtremeNet’s leadership best repair the relationship between management and employees while meeting the needs and goals of the company?

ExtremeNet can first start with having a meeting with our employees and listen to their concerns and we can try to accommodate them. By showing them that we truly care for our employees, we should be able to repair the relationship between management and employees. If our employees can see that we are listening, they will want to work harder and make sure goals are met. Next time an employee has a concern for something that our management is doing wrong we will take the time to solve it.

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