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Carbon emissions have been one of the major air pollutants. Consequently, it has led to excess warming of the atmosphere which has caused anomalous activities to take place; like global warming and the tearing of the ozone layer (Luo, 2011). One of the major emitters of carbon is the exhaust fumes from vehicles and companies (Sioshansi, 2011). This proposal is to encourage the identification of the part our company plays in contributing carbon emission to the atmosphere and then coming up with alternatives that are safe for the environment while still giving us the same results. Identifying and eliminating sources of carbon emission emitters from our company will play a significant role in employing a sustainable green strategy. The research strategies that will be employed are conducting surveys and experiments to determine how much carbon our enterprise is emitting into the atmosphere. More research will be conducted from secondary sources of information like books and journals from the library to identify some of the strategies that we can employ to reduce the impact of our carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This proposal will first give a background of carbon emissions and its impact on the environment. Then it will discuss the statement and significance of the proposal. Afterwards, the sources and approaches employed will be presented. This proposal will then provide the solutions and benefits of the employing a sustainable green strategy and what are the anticipated costs of employing such a strategy. Ultimately it will end with a conclusion recapitulating what was discussed.

Background of the problem

A brief definition of the issue and the significance of remedying it.

Statement of purpose – the significance of the proposal.

Sources and Methods – fundamental words and kinds of source that will be employed.

Report Organization – sections that will be included in the discussion part of the proposal


Solution and Benefits – solution, list of feasible gains.

Cost – all kinds of the feasible kinds of costs for the proposed remedy.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Problems that directed to the necessity for this solution, keyword phrase of what is being suggested.


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Swallo, L., & Furniss, J. (2011). Green Business: Reducing Carbon Footprints Cuts Costs and Provides Opportunities. Montana Business Quarterly, 2-9.

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