Critical Analysis and Evaluation Assignment

Critical Analysis and Evaluation Assignment

Dionna Weston

University of Phoenix

Critical Analysis and Evaluation Assignment

Conducting research is a requirement for any student required to write a dissertation. When conducting research one must critically analyze and evaluate any articles to be referenced as supporting evidence. After carefully reviewing the criteria necessary to properly write a problem and purpose statement along with the necessary components to a proper introduction, two journal articles were reviewed for alignment. One article was qualitative and one was quantitative and each took a different approach with the quantitative article being more clear and concise. The introduction on the quantitative article clearly detailed its intent and set the stage and intended direction for the reader to clearly follow. The qualitative article was much more ambiguous.


Two journal articles were evaluated to determine how the introductions measured up to the requirements necessary to write a dissertation. Though each article possessed and introduction that alluded to the contents of the paper, the quantitative article was more in line with that required of a dissertation. The problem statement was evident and related purposefully to the research questions. The qualitative article was less structured towards its intended purpose.

Write a 1,050- to 1,300-word paper analyzing and evaluating the essential research components of an introduction included in the two journal articles you selected to review. 

Consider the following questions and the criteria in the relevant sections of the practitioner Dissertation Criteria and Rating Scale (DCRS) as you complete your critical analysis and evaluation of the journal articles you reviewed.

Describe the findings of your analysis and evaluation. 

Explain the steps you took to analyze and evaluate the research components of the introduction. What insight did you gain from the process that will help you to develop the introduction of your dissertation? 

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