Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution

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“Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution”

“This assignment has five parts. First I will point out three of the most environmentally negative impacts of the Industrial Revolution and explain my choices. 2nd I will examine how these three negative impacts changed the environment. 3rd I will Explain the effect of the environmental movement on the process of industrialization in the United States during the 1970s. 4th Identify the laws passed to help ameliorate the environmental issues in the U.S. and around the world related to the three impacts in part one. I will also discuss any laws passed since this movement in the 1970s. Last I will examine whether the state of the environment has become worse or has improved as a result of these laws and suggest solutions or steps that must be done to improve the situation.”

Negative Consequences of Industrial Revolution

“The 18th and 19th centuries were the era of new farming techniques and inventions that led to a massive increase in food production.” It has provided great chance for the people to revolutionize industrial sectors rather than to work in their farms. This was the period of in which agriculture was controlled by industrial revolution. This brought in factories and mass production that we are just now seeing the damages from. This advancement made not only an increase in population but in living standards as well. The 3 major negative impacts resulted from industrial revolution are exhibited as follows:

The environmental movement of industrialization in the United States during the 1970s brought new laws.

  • Water pollution, is any hazardous materials that would make the water unsafe to drink.
  • The deforestation was another negative impact of industrial revolution. The dwelling of the people in the cities has resulted into the cutting of forest on massive level.
  • The most of the worst impact is the increase in pollution by burning of the coal, oil, gasses and such other natural resources that has significantly damage the overall environment of the earth. “The use of oil increased from 3.8 billion tons in 1965 to 11.1 billion tons in 2007.”
  • Mechanism of occurring three negative impacts
    • The water pollutions has resulted into the poisoning of oceans, bays, underground water, lakes, rivers, streams as well as other reservoirs of waters that are necessary for all living things. This polluted water is causing to kill human as well as wildlife.
    • The clearing of forest that is regarded as the deforestation is another negative consequences of industrial revolution. The cutting of stand of trees is causing global warming at alarming stage. It is causing a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of the earth.
    • As, a result of industrialization more and more people are dwelling into the cities. They take into use coil, gas, oil and natural energy such as solar power, hydropower and nuclear power. Mining of natural resources as well as refining of these has been producing harmful effect to air, land and water of this earth.
    Year Law
    1976 Toxic Substances Control Act This act provides complete guidelines about the chemical that are safe and secure for the home as well as commercial purposes. This act made proper evaluation and then permits these for safe purpose.
    1976 Solid Waste Disposal Act. This law controlled the matter and issues about hazardous waste disposals after use.
    1975 Hazardous Materials Transportation Act It is law composed at national level to protect us form certain dangerous and hazardous wastes during the process of transportation.
    1974 Safe Drinking Water Act. This act set such standard which maintain quality of plain drinking water and ensure its safe availability to public at general level.
    1972 Clean Water Act This law is an extension of a law governing quality of water at national level.
    1970 Water Quality Act. This act has been taken into action for the purpose of maintaining as well as restoring of biological, physical and chemical of water at national level
    1967 Air Quality Act: This law has been enacted in order to control the reasonable level of air pollution into the atmosphere. It is federal law in nature
    1965 Clean Air Act (1970). This governs and mandate state as well as federal laws related to cleaing the air.
    1965 Solid Waste Disposal Act This act control all matters related to dumping of hazardous wastes and solid waste properly.
    1963 Clean Air Act (1963). According to this law there is complete control of air pollution is maintained at government level.
    1955 Air Pollution Control Act. This law helps state in order to control air pollution with technical assistance and research.
    1948 Federal Water Pollution Control Act. This law is established in order to maintain the biological, physical and chemical integrity of water at national level and to make remedies in order to stop and treat wastages of water.

    After 1970s, more laws were passed to help ameliorate the environmental issues in the U.S. and around the world. I will now discuss any laws passed since this movement in the 1970s.

    Year Law
    2003 Healthy Forests Initiative This initiative has been providing guidelines for searching new methods to halt harmful insect to trees, research on new firefighting techniques, and removing of harmful fuels at in forests.
    1990 Clean Air Act (1990) This act has been addressing toxic air pollution, damages to ozone layer and consequences of acid rain. It has been promoting controlling programs for these bad consequences at ensure their enforceability.
    1990 Oil Pollution Act. This is stopping the matters regarding civil liability as a result from future oil spills. It is ensuring that companies are maintaining detailed cleanup & containment plan for these oil spills.
    1986 Emergency Wetlands Resources Act. According to this act there is ensure availability of funds to water & land conservation for purchasing related machinery to protect water lets.
    1986 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments. This act had been setting such standards that ensure the level of public water system.

    Possible remedies for worst state of environment

    The environment has becoming worst day by day, “emissions of greenhouse gases are having an increasingly detrimental impact on the atmosphere; urban air pollution is a growing health concern, triggering or exacerbating respiratory and cardiac problems; surface and groundwater resources are being rapidly drained; many species are becoming endangered or extinct; the oceans are being harvested at unsustainable rates; land degradation is accelerating and intensifying, particularly in developing countries; forest ecosystems are being degraded, cleared or fragmented, with the greatest losses in Africa; the world’s largest cities are badly affected by inadequate housing, air and water pollution and solid waste disposal; the growing frequency and intensity of natural disasters over the past 30 years has put more people, especially the poor, at greater risk.” In order to overcome this worst situation we need to go back our history and check how it was affecting us up to the current period of times. We need to evaluate the possible solutions in order to rescue the humanity. For this purpose we need to:

    The lack of gasoline cars and use of hazardous materials is just a start. We must change a lot in this world to save it. Using nuclear power or weaponry should not be an option or we could have what Japan is having right now. Electric cars and hornist solar wind, and water power is the way to go. There is cloth bags we can use over and over again that will eliminate plastic bags. Water bottles could be made of recyclable material that is biodegradable. Have you ever noticed that when something is made by hand like a bed, that it last longer and cost more than store manufactured items? That is because it is the best quality item and it is built to last. We have to find better ways of using the technology that we have. If we don’t start now we could end up like the dinosaurs we read about.

    • Prevent the use of chemicals on plants as well as animals.
    • Prevent to use hazardous type of materials and other plastic items.
    • Stop cutting forest rather need to plant more trees for oxygen and food purposes
    • Adopt and promote recycling.
      • Should find out alternative energy generation ways like solar, wind and water power instead of burning coal, gasoline and other such natural resources.
      • There is need to open more facilities regarding cleaning of water.

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