Hardware and Network Plan

Hardware and Network Plan

Grantham University

Hardware and Network Plan

Our task was to create a network for a company that sell shoes and to describe the hardware needed for the network type that we created. We were to also create a flow chart or mind map of the network.

My choice was to create a LAN connection assuming the business is one retail location. A local area network or LAN connection consists of computers and devices that share a common communication line and have the ability to share resources with other devices connected to the local area network. I have created a flow chart of the local area network and labeled the devices that would be connected to the local area network.

The first device the business will need is a network router with wireless capability and a

Firewall. The network router will be directly attached to the modem provided by the ISP. The network router will serve as the gateway to the Internet for the business and an access point for wireless devices. The network router will also be the first line of defense against malicious threats to the business or its assets. I have attached wireless inventory scanners to the network router and they will actively send updated inventory information to the server that houses the inventory database.

The small business server is directly attached to the network router via Ethernet cable and will be the central storage for all the data that is to be shared in the local area network. There will be a few devices that are directly attached to the server via Ethernet cable. A network attached backup device will automatically back up the data that is stored so that critical data is not lost. Also attached to the server will be the network printer that is shared with all devices on the network. Two network switches will also be attached to the server via Ethernet cable. These switches will be the access point for the POS desktop computers, POE phones, and POE card readers that will be located at the register area. Using POE devices will eliminate extra wiring around the register area and create a clutter free appearance.

The simplicity of the local area network designed allows for future devices to be added very easily. Using a small business server will also allow the business to expand their network to accommodate future stores by upgrading the server to allow more devices and creating a wide area network or WAN. A wide area network will allow a group of local area networks to be essentially connected virtually through the Internet.


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