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Leadership is all about to turn, what should be done out of which what is done and the accuracy of the completed work. Human Resource (HR) leaders are more important because they build all the internal site of the company. They people are always be in touch with employees and employees are the only who actually do work but their employment assurance process by HR department. HR always take care of each concern related to employee, help them to be happy and enhance the productivity. HR people also consider the employees want and expectations and how they can help to take advantage in diversified work culture and minimize the potential barriers to strengthen the company aspects. Here, for the first year, would like to discuss and address these issues with recommendations, “Employee Engagement Define It, Measure It and Put It to Work in Your Organization”.     

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is HRs responsibility. HR must ensure employees are all about their satisfaction and the long-term benefits. HR should ensure productive tenure that can help an employee from the company. First, there is need to measure the employees satisfaction by using tools to get their feedback and enhance workplace communication. Few parameters for measurement such as, “Employee Engagement Define It, Measure It and Put It to Work in Your Organization”;

With these parameters rating and feedbacks, HR department can get the employee  want and expectations from company. Now, there is need to consider the changes in accordance to requirements. Therefore, there is need to assure a sustainable commitment to employees regular engagement through:

  • Satisfaction: To know the employees want and expectation from the company.  
  • Advocacy: Are they recommend this company to their friends or colleagues?
  • Retention: This includes several employment question with yes or no reply.
  • Pride: This includes several questions about company with yes or no statements.

Improving Productivity

  • Regular feedbacks and rewards to good employees.
  • There should consider activities apart from work that can assure their refreshment.
  • There should include some activities which can help to increase intra-team communication.
  • Appraisal process transparency and revision in order to assure the employee satisfaction if they deserve.  
    • Sharing the company’s long-term objectives.
    • Take employees suggestion for more improvement in the process and consider if suitable to more than 70% people.
    • Motivational activities and praise for good work.
    • Regular trainings for skills enhancement. 
    • Transparency to meet with any management personnel anytime (by sending meeting request). 
    • Compensation and bonus benefits for good work.

Increasing employees productivity is one of the most critical goal of the company but many times, even in big organization observed that HR professionals don’t work on this and they work on traditional process and believe that people will work as they are doing but actually, HR professionals can establish policies, procedures, and programs for governing people management, and can connect them to increase output (volume, speed, and work quality) as measurement of revenue from each employee. There are few factors can help to increase productivity and should consider in company are as follows, Sullivan John (2011):

Maximize Company’s Diversified Advantage and Minimize Potential Barriers

  • Should consider high performing and innovative employees as foundation of productivity because they people can influence the team productivity and also can suggest in hiring process. HR can easy to retain those employees through high compensation and workplace satisfaction. 
  • There is need to train managers and leaders to set direction to motivate each employee in team.
  • For the team members, HR can initiate meetings and ask them about their want and expectations from company and once, HR has each employee records then HR can work with manger or leads to motivate those particular employees.
  • Always offer challenging work environment with attractive benefits which can help company as well as employees.    

There are number of potential barriers in diversified workplace such as, Greenberg, John (n.d.); 

So, as an HR personnel, would like to recommend few steps for successful diversified work culture as follows, Greenberg, John (n.d.):

  • People finding difficulties in communication until they don’t know one same language.
  • Resistance change i.e. employees refuses to accept other culture and social makeups.
  • Difficulties in implementing workplace policies in diversified work culture.
  • Successful management of diversity in the workplace.


  • Assessment of diversity in the workplace: Should consider diversified culture as integral part of the management system and it can help us to know the diversified challenges and obstacles so that to perform reassessment that can help to determine the success of the diversified workplace.
  • Development of diversity in the workplace plan: There is need to develop diversity workplace plan, so using surveys from employees requirement then must place comprehensive, attainable, and measurable diversity workplace plan that can give benefit to each employee. 
  • Implementation of diversity in the workplace plan: There is need to consider the personal commitment and managerial teams. Also requirement from leaders and managers to incorporate with strategic diversified workplace policies which must meet the company’s functional requirements and its purpose. Additionally, management cooperation and participation is required to create a culture conducive to the success of the HRs suggestive diversity workplace plan.

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