HRE 2723 Final Project Leadership Development Plan


1 – What is your definition of leadership after completing this course?

After completing this course, my definition of a leader has change. I define leadership as setting an example of what should be done. A leader does not do the work, but observes others do the work. It is important to focus on several behaviors of the work place or group you are leading. As a leader, you are influencing others and guiding them to make the best decisions and to work to their best abilities. It is your jobs to support others and to make sure tasks are accomplished. You must first lead by example. You cannot demand respect from others if you are not setting the stage first. It is important to remember each person in your group and to celebrate accomplishments. That is one of the most important issues I have learned as a leader. If you do not tell others that they have improved or showed them any different when they are accomplishing goals, then they will not have incentive to do better. If you are not trying to improve, then what is the point of doing it? You must have incentive and ambition in any type of work in order to maintain status.

2 – For this section, you are to set a specific leadership goal for yourself in the next 12 months. This could be a position of leadership, a leadership role, or a leadership initiative you want to undertake. It can be in any context—your work, community, student organization, sports team, etc.

In the next twelve months, my goal is to help the basketball team I coach reach further goals. Each member on the team has difficulties in different areas. While one member may struggle with simple, short shots, another member may struggle with more difficult shots. As a coach, I am able to point out each person’s weak points. As a team, we need to work together on each weak point and work to make the team successful as a whole. In the next year, my goal is to help each player to learn her role on the team. Whether a player is better suited as a guard, or as a motivator on the bench, the point is to make the teamwork together. We also share a united goal of becoming state champions. It is important to look at our future goal now. Each day, if we are reminded that we want to reach the national championship, we will work harder. Having a goal in mind will help the team practice and play with more ambition. Each member on our basketball team is equally important, and we would not be a team without one of the girls. We need to learn how to appreciate each other on and off the court. I would like to set up activities for the girls to work together, whether it is related to basketball or not. A team that plays together and stands together will stay together.

3 – Next, consider your strengths as identified with the StrengthsFinder Assessment in this course. Discuss the following.

How will you utilize your strengths in achieving the specific leadership goal you have set in #2?

My biggest strength that I utilize on a regular basis is competition. Competition will come in handy in leading the basketball team in a more successful season and more accomplishment in achieving our goals. I am motivated by my past accomplishments, which persuades me to inspire the girls to do their best. I have very little patience or acceptance for laziness or failure. My competition trait motivates me to lead to girls to what I know is possible. I know they have the potential to achieve the highest goal, but it takes discipline and endurance to accomplish even the smallest goals. Achiever is also one of my identified traits. Competing and achieving traits go hand in hand in coaching the basketball team. I will utilize the trait of an achiever by identifying each girl’s weakness and strength. Being a leader, one should not only point out the weaknesses in a player or employee. A leader needs to bring in strengths and encouragement. I will use my strengths of competition, achieving, strategy, and focus to bring the team to the best we can be. I will the focus I have to make sure each goal be met within its rightful time. As a team, we have many goals, but we cannot achieve them all at once. It is important that I focus to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the team in order to determine what goals need to be met and when.

What strengths will you need other people working with you to have in order to be successful in the leadership role you defined in #2?

In order for the team to be successful in the next year, I need someone who can focus on strengths that I am not as skilled in. Communication would be a good skill to have to help the team. I can help the team focus and compete, but I struggle when it comes to communication. Also, someone that could lead the team with a positive attitude would be beneficial. Although I try to stay positive, it does not always work out that way. A leader with patience and harmony would greatly impact the team in a positive manner. It is important to always remember to boost the team each day. Some of the other coaches are far more skilled that I am in encouraging each girl. Inspiring the team each day will help to motivate them to do better.

Given your answers to 3(a) and 3(b), outline specific action steps you will take next semester to realize your goal defined in #2. You must list and describe at least 3 but no more than 6 specific action steps based on this analysis of your strengths and the strengths you need from other people.

Though the basketball season has already started for us, I still have high hopes and goals to pursue throughout the season, and bring those skills to the next season. The first action I plan on taking is getting the girls in the best physical shape they can get in. While our team may not have the most talented members in the district, it is possible to be in the best shape. This will help us be able to keep up with teams late in the game, instead of being worn out. One of my plans to go with the extra running and strength training for the girls is to do it along side of them. It is easy to tell a player to do something, but for them to do it efficiently, they must be led by example. Being able to go through the drills with the girls will show them that I care and I am committed to the team. Another action I will take this season will be to enroll the girls in more tournaments. This will enable them to gain experience from competing with different teams. In these tournaments, our team will play against higher ranked team and smaller, inferior teams. This will allow the team to learn to compete with teams that are better than us, but also how to use our strengths in a team that may not have as much talent as the girls hold. I would also like to take the action in enrolling the team in a few basketball camps throughout the season and in the off-season. These camps will help the girls with skills that they are struggling with and also skills that I may not be able to teach them as well. Different colleges and fundraisers hold these basketball camps. The other benefit of the camps is the experience that comes with it. Our girls will be able to meet and greet with college basketball players and talk with them about their experiences.

4 – Next, consider the results from the Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

How will your emotional intelligence strengths help you achieve your goal in #2?

In the Emotional Intelligence Assessment, I showed greater strength with Social Competence. My social awareness and the relationship of managing my interaction help me to communicate with others. With these strengths, I am able to help direct the team away from conflict and interferences. On the court there is not any room for conflict. Putting myself in another’s shoes and realizing what exactly is going on will help me to help the problem. Being able to attack the problem at hand is vital. Talking out the problem would be most important, but if there is not enough time, we can learn to move past it. I need to encourage the team to do their best. Even if the team is doing laps around the gymnasium, or doing sprints down the court, they must be inspired to work her hardest. Each little bit of effort comes together in the end. Whether or not we each put in enough effort will determine how the season will end. I have every hope to pursue a victory in the national championship this season, but it is my job to do my part in leading, inspiring, and motivating the girls to do the absolute best possible. I am wiling to put in all that I have for the girls chance at achieving their goals.

How will your emotional intelligence weaknesses hinder you from achieving your goal in #2?

My emotional intelligence was much lower with Personal Competence. My self-management is not skilled enough to be able to handle my personal thoughts and what I need to be doing at the time. Such as, if I am worried about something that happened earlier in the day, I will not be able to focus as much on the current issues or struggles at practice. It is important for me to learn that issues need to be let go. I cannot hold on to an issue and let it carry me down. This is especially important when I am trying to lead my basketball team. I cannot show the team the attitude that I would not want them to have. I also need to overpower my self-talk with positive thinking. I cannot allow myself to continue thinking in the negative sense, causing damage to others. I have to accept a mistake and move on. I have trouble handling my frustration. I let other issues get the best of me and I push away anyone that tries to help. I need to learn to settle down inside my head, and just move past it.

Given your answers to 4(a) and 4(b), outline specific action steps you will take next semester to realize your goal defined in #2. You must list and describe at least 3 but no more than 6 specific action steps based on this analysis of your emotional intelligence.

I plan to attempt talking more with the other coaches. I usually keep to myself on how I feel on certain situations. Being able to communicate with the other coaches will bring more insight to the team. Communicating with the coaches properly will help the team because we will be able to identify problem areas more easily. I would also like to take the action of testing each player at every position. We need to realize which strengths each player holds. In order to that, they must be tested. The way you communicate with other and with yourself determines success in any situation. I would like to take the action of approaching more difficult situations with the team. Whether it is the disciplinary area, or just being able to let the girls open up and talk to me about outside situations can help the team overall. I need to realize the importance of every aspect in the team.

5 – Next, consider your strengths as identified with the Student Leadership Practices Inventory in this course. Discuss the following:

How will you utilize the competencies in which you have strength in achieving the specific leadership goal you have set in #2?

My main strength is challenging the process. I tend to look for problems that need to be fixed. This could be beneficial this season. I will use this to identify what needs to be accomplished this season, or more importantly, what can be accomplished this season. I will use this to find way and methods to help the team improve and work together. Setting goals of what we need to accomplish this season is important. This is also used from inspiring a shared vision. Each of us shares the dream or goal of not only being the state championship this year, but also taking home the state title. To accomplish this, we must look ahead to know what needs to be done before hand. We must all have the ambition and will to be in the championship, but we have to come together as a team and work for it. Whether or not we have the most talented players, does not determine a winning season. A successful season will come from the motivation of the girls. It is my job to make sure they are prepared mentally and physically for this season. Whether it is running extra to make sure each girl is in the best shape they can be in or if it is having to give extra motivational talks each day will determine the type of season we have. I am challenging the girls to play at the top level. It is important to improve each day. Even if one girl only improves by 3% that week, that is an improvement, and it should be accounted for.

Based on the SLPI, what competencies will you need other people working with you to have in order to compensate for your less strong areas in order to be successful in the leadership role you defined in #2?

Based on my weakness in leadership, I will need help from the other coaches to encourage the heart. I struggle with recognizing others problems or needs. I do not pay as much attention to the “behind the scenes” portion of the team. I focus on what is happening on the court. I tend to strive to get things accomplished, which is why encouraging the heart of the other players is difficult. I tend to point out the mistakes made on the court rather than the improvements made. This is a strong area that needs to be brought to attention, and luckily I have the coaches that can do so. It is important to praise the players for a job well done or for minor improvements. It is also important to celebrate that milestone.

Given your answers to 5(a) and 5(b), outline specific action steps you will take next semester to realize your goal defined in #2. You must list and describe at least 3 but no more than 6 specific action steps based on this analysis of your strengths and the strengths you need from other people.

In the season, I plan on making sure the coaches and I work together. We must each assess different areas in the practice. If all of the coaches were skilled at one position or one skill, the team would not get fair. We each have our own strengths and skills that should be properly applied. I will also take the action of improving strengths I am not as skilled in. It is important for me to able to help the girls in more ways. In order to do that, I need to improve my skills in setting examples, such as modeling the way. I can improve this by working with others more and working on my patience levels. I also would like to take the action of learning more about the girls. It is important to know your players. To do this, I need to sit down with each of them and get to know them better. We can discuss their life goals, or plans after high school, or we could talk about any matters they are struggling with. The importance of this is not on a particular subject, but reaching a new level with the players.

6 – Now, look over all the specific action steps you outlined in previous questions and answer the following:

What barriers or challenges do you see to implementing your action steps outlined in previous questions?

The main barrier I see in the actions I would like to take is time. I feel that with all the different goals for the season, there may not be enough time to accomplish everything. With that being said, it is important to start with the vital goals. I also see there being a problem bringing the team together to work as a team and pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Each girl handles criticism or confrontation differently. It may be harder to approach some players, though it is still vital to bring up certain matters. Some players may see constructive criticism of their weakness in a negative way. It may hurt one to try less or be less motivated. Approaching these matters should be thought through before done. It will also be a challenge in attending basketball camps or tournaments. To put the whole team through a camp will cost a lot for the school, especially when there are so many other expenses. We may have to decide what is more important for the team, whether it is a camp or a tournament, in order to have enough money.

Specifically how will you overcome those barriers or challenges?

In order to overcome the struggle of expenses for the basketball camps and tournaments, I thought of holding fundraisers. Previously, other sport teams at our school have held dinner benefits to raise money. This could be a great opportunity for the team to raise money to attend a camp, and it will also be a good time for the team to have together outside of the gymnasium. Another fundraiser would be holding a tournament at our school gym. This would benefit us in two areas. In this, we would be raising money to save for other opportunities this season and we would be competing with other teams in the process. I also think that in order to overcome the challenge of confrontation with the girls, I need to take time to prepare first. I need to think about what needs to be approached and discussed, instead of trying to discuss it the day it is presented. This can help because it will enable me to think about the problem at hand, but also the different ways it can be approached. This could eliminate any misunderstand drama with the team.

7 – Summary:

In what ways have you grown as a leader in this course?

As a leader, I have grown to notice other aspects in leading. Being a leader does not mean barking out orders. A leader is someone you respect. One do not demand respect, one earns it. I have also learned to listen with an open mind. Usually, I would hear what one would say and immediately reject it or accept it. Now, I have learned to listen and think before responding. I have also learned that there is more than one right answer, and the right answer is not always my answer. I have grown to become a more beneficial leader. I have high expectations for people; I have learned to realize that some things will not be accomplished. With this, I am able to set more realistic goals for each player, rather than the same goal for each player.

What were the most meaningful lessons you learned from this class?

One of the most meaningful and beneficial lesson that I have learned from this is class is the knowledge of being a leader. I have learned that a leader does not necessarily need to be a dominant or strict person. In order to be a leader you must be able to be openhearted and thoughtful of others. It is important to be positive and provide encouragement, rather than just critiquing. In the past I have ignored the feelings of others and focused on the main goal at hand. I have learned that a person’s thoughts are just as important as their actions. Another lesson I have learned is that there is not also a right answer. Sometimes there are just opinions that need to be accepted, rather than challenged. As a leader, I have learned that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I should not change someone’s view on an issue, no matter how I feel about it. It was important for me to learn to accept opinions and decisions. If one person does not feel like completing a task, I should not put down on him or her for that decision. We are each permitted to our own outlook. I have also learned that I should let more people take charge of a situation. If one is skilled enough or has earned the privilege, I have no reason to down his or her ability. I should allow others to take over a situation, rather than trying to run it myself. Such as, I have learned that in a study group, for a class I am in enrolled in, there is no need for one leader. We each have the ability to step up and take action. It is not the place to criticize another person or to point out his or her weaknesses. Our study group was set up to help students perform better on the test. We must assess the points made in class and in the textbook and emphasize on it. It is important for us to communicate and work together so that we each may get enough out of the study group and improve.

List at least 3 but no more than 6 action steps to continue your growth as a leader. These should be general and not linked to the goal you set in #2.

As a leader, I would like to continue to grow in learning to understand others. I have a tendency to be one sided and not accept all decisions. I would like to work on being able to communicate and to hear other fully before making decisions. This can be achieved with the basketball team, my family, or just an issue at school. I would also like to surround myself around others that may not have the same goals and ambitions that I hold. I tend to spend time with others that favor sports or that may be more outgoing and loud that others. I need to approach people in a different stance. It is important for me to reach out to everyone, not just a particular group. I would also like to learn to let others inspire me. I always feel that I need to do things on my own and to only do things a certain way. I would like to learn to accept compliments and act on them. Letting other inspire me is important because it shows me another way to do something, rather than the same way I do it each time. I need to find purpose in others’ opinions and allow myself to open up and accept them.

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