HRMN 302 6380 Organizational Communication


With this activity you will analyze a TED talk – 

First, select a “talk” (aka presentation or speech) that interests you from the 1,100 TED Talks (ranging in length from 3 to 18 minutes).

FYI: TED Talks was selected because each speech video should have enough depth or substance, and video quality to allow close viewing and analysis.

Second, review chapters 10, 11 and 12 of your text.

Third, listen to the presentation several times, looking deeply at how the individual uses non-verbal communication, composes sentences, and organizes thoughts, etc. Pay particular attention to the following areas:

Purpose: General and specific purpose (and implied if different from stated purpose)

Non-verbal delivery

Movement in Your Speech

Visual Aids

Strategies for Success

Pathos: tone, emphasis, engagement

Logos: clarity, conciseness, arrangement

Ethos: credibility, expectation, reference


Appeals (to emotions, logic, ethos)

Figurative language (similes, metaphors, symbols, imagery)

Use of language, word choices (diction)

Passive or active voice

Simple or complex sentences; short or long sentences

Oral strategies and tactics



Speech patterns (articulation, intonation, emphasis)

Other sound effects

Four, report on all 5 of the areas above, and respond to the postings of at least 2 of your colleagues.

Be sure to include a hyperlink so we can view the presentation you opted to share with us.

Ted Talks, focused on innovation, stimulation and outline, are intended to be gathering of people drawing in and to a great degree provocative. In Jamie Oliver’s discussion “Instruct each kid about nourishment,” he draws in the gathering of people utilizing a few strategies and causes them to ponder his point.

Jamie Oliver expect that the group of onlookers is acquainted with his point. He anticipates that them will know and comprehend the bustling existences of numerous center or average workers families in America, and the effect their timetables have on the nourishments they sustain their kids. Jamie Oliver utilizes the words “we realize that as of now,” and, “you know whatever is left of the story,” while examining the Fast Food industry controlling family nourishment utilization. He deduces that the group of onlookers knows families are not taught the benefit of cooking at home. These expressions straightforwardly clarify the understanding he presumes the gathering of people to have. Jamie Oliver talks in a way that is simple for the group of onlookers to get it. There isn’t any specialized language utilized or clarified, on the grounds that Jamie accept the group of onlookers as of now has a base information of sustenance vocabulary.

The moderator gets the gathering of people’s consideration and keeps them connected with by telling genuine stories. He begins off by giving a measurement that inside the discussion alone four Americans will kick the bucket from the sustenance that they eat. Jamie Oliver gives a brief presentation of himself so that the crowd comprehends what he does. His presentation is to some degree a writing survey. Jamie does not recognize some other specialists in the field or the sources from which he has gotten data. Or maybe, he shares his work as a culinary expert and the encounters he has had in changing kids’ weight control plans. The work talked about, notwithstanding, approves his power on the subject and persuades the gathering of people that he is learned on the theme.

Pulling at the heartstrings of the group of onlookers, Jamie Oliver asks the gathering of people who has kids or has been dynamic in bringing up a youngster. Immediately, he talks about the current issue and the way that their youngsters may not live as long because of their weight control plans. Oliver, now having the gathering of people’s consideration, presents the significant issue: youngsters are eating to a great degree unfortunate nourishments. Not just does he talk about what goes into the issue, additionally how it is influencing everybody’s everyday lives. Jamie Oliver expresses the measurement, “10% of what we spend on medicinal services is on stoutness,” twice to find out the gathering of people understands the issue is straightforwardly influencing their lives too. The measurements he uses are straightforward and permit the group of onlookers to hop on the temporary fad of rolling out an improvement. Frequently, Jamie Oliver requests that the gathering of people venture back and customize the circumstance. Thus, the gathering of people builds up a passionate association with the issue.

Jamie Oliver likewise keeps the crowd drew in by incorporating cleverness in his presentation. At a certain point he utilizes litotes to demonstrate his point. In downplaying a thought, he accept the gathering of people knows the genuine truth. The gathering of people giggles and the thought he was demonstrating is heightened. The minutes in which he ventures back and permits the group of onlookers to believe are significantly viable. The gathering of people feels exceptionally connected with and applauds when he talks about the moves America needs to take. He leaves the gathering of people with a desire: “To help a solid, feasible development to instruct each tyke about nourishment, to motivate families to cook once more, and to engage individuals all over the place to battle stoutness.” This last proclamation compresses his expectation for the future, as well as difficulties the group of onlookers to make a move.

Inside the initial three minutes of his discussion, Jamie Oliver demonstrates a fascinating graph showing that more passings in the US are created by wellbeing and sustenance related issues than crime. Jamie Oliver names the general population in the photos he appears, permitting the group of onlookers to feel that they have an association with them. The utilization of pictures hits a rope with individuals. On the off chance that they see a genuine individual, they feel sensitivity for them, and thusly feel more thoughtful about the issue. He incorporates a candidly convincing video of a lady crying as a result of her family’s present state. Jamie Oliver utilizes visual guide to talk about his activity arrangement. A basic graph unites the arrangement so that the group of onlookers comprehends and takes after his message unmistakably. In another video, Jamie Oliver requests that kids name specific products of the soil. The group of onlookers is disheartened by the youngsters’ absence of acknowledgment of ordinary vegetables. This video demonstrates firsthand the children’s’ carelessness about sound nourishment. Not just does Jamie Oliver use pictures and recordings, additionally hands on cases. He tosses sugar solid shapes on the ground to show the measure of sugar kids expend from milk in a day, a week, a month, and 5 years.

Jamie Oliver appears to be exceptionally amped up for having others take after his lead. He utilizes numerous signals to stress the significance and power of his words. He is concerned, be that as it may, in light of the fact that the theme he is talking about is very disturbing. Jamie Oliver’s utilization of non-verbal communication sets his understanding that words, regardless of how significant, aren’t powerful unless a speaker puts their whole body into demonstrating their point.

In his Ted Talk, Jamie Oliver is exceptionally powerful in opening the gathering of people’s eyes to the issue of kids’ less than stellar eating routines. His amazing utilization of visual guide, non-verbal communication, and relatable strategies permit Jamie Oliver to gainfully impact and urge the crowd to improve the essential changes to youngsters’ lives.

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