Human Resource Management Training Proposal

Human Resource Management Training Proposal

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Human Resource Planning entails the processes of acquiring the right candidate for an open job vacancy. An organization success depends on the effectiveness of Human Resource Management system. A company ought to have a team that will enable it to realize its goals and objectives. The diagram below shows the processes in human resource planning.

Objectives of Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning should be in line with the organization goals and objectives. It should be looking into filling future job vacancies that are aimed at driving the organization towards its success.

Current Manpower Stock

Any organization must always maintain the stock of the current manpower. They should be able to identify what might be lacking within the organization by continuously taking the bio-data of all the current employees. This helps in identifying when new power is needed and for what purpose.

Demand/ Supply Forecasting

The organization must be able to tell the demand for manpower by constantly checking where more work inputs are needed. Replacements come about due to deaths, retirement or employee termination. Performing human resource audits help in realizing the supply from various persons within the organization.

Determining Net Requirement

Conclusions can be made after the human resource manager has checked on the demand and supply of every manpower within the organization.

Redeployment and Redundancy

Redeployment occurs where the surplus employees from one department are transferred to another department whereas redundancy is done to reduce the surplus employees through offering early retirements.

Employment program

This is a process of recruiting new employees. The company needs to have a clear steps it should take to get the right manpower that will help her achieve its goals.

Training and Development

Any organization ought to have plans to how to train and impact the necessary skills on its employees.

Evaluation of Human Resource Planning

It is always necessary to check on the effectiveness of human resource planning process. The outcomes should be in line with the company goals and objectives.

Recruitment and Selection Hiring Process

Strategy for Training New Employees

As competition and demands increase, organizations employ new staff members who will help in achieving the set goals and objectives. The hard part while recruiting new employees is to make them fit in the organization s culture. A lot of orientation and trainings ought to be done so that the new employees can effectively pick up their roles. Training should not only be done at the beginning but should be continuous on plan below steps outline strategies that will be undertaken to ensure that the new staff in the human resource department are integrated accordingly. The training will have to focus on what the department is expected to achieve in line with the organization goals and objectives.

Company Orientation and roles identification

Since these are new employees, the training should begin by letting the new staff get to know what the organization does and wishes to achieve. This will also involve a comprehensive explanation of goals, objectives, mission, vision and core values. They should also get the know the company structure and all departments within the organization. At this point, they should comprehensively learn the roles expected of them as a department. McKinnies (2010) stated that Human Resource Management comprises five broad roles which include:

i. Resourcing: Activities are HR planning, succession planning, talent management and terminating employment contracts. They also manage retirement and redundancy.

ii. Performance: They Manage individual as well as team performance and their contribution to the achievement of organizational goals. This include goal-setting and appraisals.

iii. Rewarding system: They design and implement rewarding systems for individuals and collective, financial and non-financial rewards. This involves pay structures, pensions and parks.

iv. Learning and Development: They ensure skills career growth and development through organizing trainings for the employees.

v. Employment relations: HRM Manage employees, their communications as well as handling union management relations. They also oversee employee welfare and handle employee grievances and discipline

Needs Assessment

At this level, the trainer must have assessed what is currently being done by the old team and what is lacking. This will give the idea of what new skill set should be impacted on the new employees. Also looking at competition from other companies, the trainer should have done an external analysis to identify what other companies do to outdo them and train the new employees on their new tactics. For example as a human resource department, they should learn why and how other companies acquire the best skills and be able to retain the for long periods. There are advantages associated with employee orientation program for new recruits.

They Feel Valued

It Reduces Startup time and Cost

It increases Productivity

It ensures High Retention Rates

Identify Skill Gaps and Prioritize

The purpose of acquiring new employees is to fill gaps of production within the organization. It is important to identify burning issues and prioritize the during the training period. Other things can be touched on during the subsequent trainings

Training Delivery

How should the training be done? Depending on the resources and budget, the company can choose one of the training types which are: in-house, external seminars or e-learning. Also, the agency of training can determine the best option.

Management Involvement

It is super important to always involve the management when planning any training as it approves of the training as well any budget necessary to conduct the training.

Assess the Impacts of the Training Efforts

It is not just about a day-to-day training. As stated earlier, skill set is very important to every organization and training should ensure that the employees are acquiring the right skills that will help the company to achieve its goals and objectives. It it therefore important to always assess the impacts of the training on the new employees.

Training Strategies To Motivating the Employees to Learn Key Aspects About their New Jobs

Identify employee strengths

New employees may be good in different areas. The trainer must be able to have identified their fields of interests and ensure that they emphasize training on those areas for every employee. This way the

employee will be motivated to learn more as well as learn fast.

Enhance long-term career growth

The training should ensure that the employee career growth as well as career path is being enhanced. Apart from the need for money, most employees want to ensure that they build their careers with each opportunity they get. It is a way that a company can show its commitment to its employees and also show that they care about their growth. Each employee has a career goal and it is important for an organization to identify these goals and help them work towards achieving them.

Challenges of Human Resource Departments in Health Organizations

In an hospital environment, human resource can be seen as both the clinical and non-clinical staff members who are responsible for public and individual health intervention (Mubarak A. & Abdul S., 2016). It is the most critical department s it is expected to make a difference in an organization performance. A Hospital is a really big organization and human resource management is expected to meet its responsibilities which include: staffing, performance management, labour relations and personnel administration, development and training and assurance of safety. Being a large organization requiring many employees, the following challenges are likely to be faced during management of human resource:

Inadequate Assessment During Recruitment

Recruitment process should be very clear to both the recruiter and the new employee. Sometimes organizations focus only on the job skills without assessing personal skills such as communication, ability to withstand stress in a busy environment such a hospital and psychology testing and attitude. Such attributes are super important and will affect the performance of the department.

Inadequate Training

New recruits should be train on all areas necessary to enable them perform their roles effectively. A hospital ought to adopt a comprehensive training plan that covers every useful area in the field of human resource. Inadequate training leads to poor performance. Lack of continuous trainings makes the staff perform duties always in the same way without any skill improvements.


There is need for improvements in the Human Resource in a health environment. Setting a strategy for Human Resource should be the first thing. This will define what the department should do to improve performance. A good strategy for recruiting and training new staff as well as continuous trainings should be put in place. The staff should also be engaged in heavier tasks to enable them gain confidence in what they do. Employee appraisals, motivation and promotions helps them realize how they are valued they will perform their work more effectively.


The Human Resource department is critical to every organization. Its performance determines where an organization is headed in realizing its goals and objectives. Acquiring, impacting skills and retaining the right employees influence a company success. A health organization ought to organize its Human Resource well in order to overcome the many challenges facing them and the drive the organization to its success. HR practices should also be adopted from the national and International standards and practices (KS Negi, 2013) .


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