Immersion Proposal Final

Student Name: Reese Grover
What group from the spectrum of diversity do you plan to immerse yourself in? (remember, you must have no previous direct contact with members of this group)I plan to immerse myself into the Asian culture. This would be in the ethnicity category of the Spectrum of Diversity because it has to do with learned culture passed down over time.5pts
Why did you choose this group to immerse yourself in? Explain with detail. (100 words minimum).I chose the Asian culture because I have never been introduced into it before. All my life, I have never had a trade and true Asian friend that practices Asian culture. I have only ever had one Asian friend, Lindsay, and she is adopted. Because her adopted parents are not of Asian race nor ethnicity, she never got to the experience culture she is biologically born out of. I know that I really enjoy Asian cuisine, so perhaps I will enjoy the other aspects as well. I feel that I will be learning new aspects of culture more throughly because I have never been exposed to the Asian ethnicity.10pts
What is your immersion plan? (100 words minimum)I plan on attending the Harvest Moon Festival, held on October 6, 2017, held on the Oklahoma State campus between the Edmon Low Library and the Noble Research Center. While attending this festival, I expect to try new foods, experience talent performances, and engage in Asian activities. I also plan on interacting with people hosting the event, such as the Asian and Vietnamese Americans involved in the Multicultural Affairs of OSU. When conversing with them, I will ask many questions of what makes their cultural society different from others. This experience will allow me to really actively experience first-hand Asian festivities and learn about the diverse traits their culture holds.15pts
What are the special considerations that you will need to be aware of for this immersion experience? How will you adhere to each special consideration? Please include appropriate behavior/etiquette, way of dress, and respect. (125 words minimum)I will take into consideration their culture and respect it. I should be aware that any negative opinions I have towards this ethnic group would offend them if said allowed, such as if I don’t enjoy the food so much. I will act kindly to the Asian Americans and Vietnamese Americans hosting this because they are doing enough by sharing their ethnicity with everyone. The Asian community hosting the event wants all who attend to be comfortable being there. With that being said, I will dress as casual as I normally would going to any fun event or just a normal day in general. For example, instead of wearing clothes that fit with the Asian culture, I will probably be wearing running shorts with tennis shoes and an OSU cheerleading shirt. 15pts
How do you know what the special considerations are? (25 words minimum)With any culture, especially when intentionally sharing it, people expect positive feedback. I believe it is common courtesy to express respect for the ethnicity of whomever is sharing regardless of circumstance.10pts
What do you hope to learn and gain from this immersion experience? Be specific regarding the group you have chosen and how the experience could benefit you personally. (150 words minimum)I personally believe it will impact me tremendously by giving me more insight in how different cultures around the world are so diverse in comparison to America. Because I have never been to Asia, this will give me a little taste of what Asians consider to be “festive” with their cuisine, activities, performances, and musical interests. I have never actually thought about what kinds of music are involved in the Asian culture nor have I thought about performances they make, regarding dance and theatre. I hope it is as interesting I expect it to be because it would be great to be able to share my experiences with those around me and refer the experience to members of this course for upcoming semesters. This insight will give me a better view of the world outside of America in a deeper sense in that I will be actually taking part in events known as common culture in Asia.15pts
Discuss your anticipation of the experience. Are you nervous about anything? Why or why not? (50 words minimum)I am not so worried about this experience as I would be if I were doing a religious immersion project. This is more in my comfort zone, considering that it is an event very welcoming to people not of Asian ethnicity. For example, I will not have to awkwardly pretend that I am not observing to try to “fit in” with the crowd because this is meant to be a learning experience for everyone.10pts
Think very candidly. Do you have any pre-conceived notions about the group of people you are going to immerse yourself in? If so, what are they? What are the stereotypes that you have heard about this group of people? (50 words minimum)I have always heard racist jokes about how Asians are all extremely smart and about how they can’t drive. I have always laughed and thought they were funny statements just because I have a pretty broad sense of humor; however, I don’t believe it is right to group people together just because of race and ethnicity because, by personal experience, I recognize that not all Asians are geniuses and a lot of them are good drivers. By immersing myself in this group, I will be able to have an even greater understanding of how stereotyping is mostly false accusations of other races and cultures outside of the norm. 10pts
Using the information you have written in your proposal, please create one SMART goal with three objectives.Goal: I will attend the Harvest Moon Festival.Objectives: I will walk up and talk with member of the Asian American and Vietnamese American ethnic group at the festival and ask about why this certain festivities are important to their culture. I will attend the festival with Kaitlyn, in our diversity class, because we both chose the same immersion experience. I will pick the three days we have class out of my week to do 45 minutes of research on the Asian culture up until my immersion experience on October 6, 2017.10pts

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