INFO 262 Assignment 1

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You are about to create an application to manage your CDs / DVDs collections at home/work. The application to keep track of the inventory (in/out), who borrowed what and when it is due back (no money transactions please), the system should be able to produce at least 3 reports such as inventory list, items due, most active user and most borrowed item.

What are the steps you are going to take to complete the development process? You should include a detail requirements (5 pages max), suggested design and ER diagram (you can use MS Word for the diagram)

(Microsoft, 2016)

CD/DVD Collection

My first step would be make an excel spread sheet showing the data I need. This would be for the CD’s the title and artist. For the DVD’s the title and type. There would be a borrower in and out date as well.Example below.

CD TITLE CD ARTISTDVD TITLEDVD GENREDATE OUTDATE INBORROWERBlack StarDavid BowieThe DepartedDrama10/1/201610/15/2016Becky S.Ziggy StardustDavid BowieHappy GilmoreComedySerious MoonlightDavid BowieNightmare On Elm Street Horror11/6/20161/11/2016Mary M.RIODuran DuranUnder the Tuscan SonRomantic ComedyThe Wedding AlbumDuran DuranPrivate PartsComedySeven and the Ragged Tiger Duran DuranHostelHorror11/1/2016Missy M.Head on the DoorThe Cure SupermanAction              

This program will allow the user to keep track of a CD or DVD collection. This can only work exclusively with either CDs or DVDs. Both of these will have their own class. Each CD class will have a title and artist. Each CD class it will be represented with a title and artist. With the DVD’s they will be represented as Title and Genra (action, drama, comedy or horror)

The CD class will use a vector to keep track of the artists and title in the CD. The class will also have a data member for the artist name and the title of the CD.The DVD class will have data for title and type field for borrower, outdate and in date will be linked to the CD and DVD class.

The program will maintain a list of CD/DVDs. This list will be a vector of that class type (CD or DVD). The program must provide methods (functions) to add a CD/DVD, remove a CD/DVD and update a CD/DVD. There should also be a function that displays the entire list of CDs/DVDs.On top of all this the program will track the borrower and in date and out date. The output must be a table format, with heading.


David Bowie Ziggy Startdust
Duran Duran Rio
The Cure Head on the Door
Depeche Mode Violator
Duran Duran The Wedding Album
David Bowie Black Star
The Cult Love
Superman Action
The Departed Drama
Private Parts Comedy
Grease Musical
Nightmare on Elm Street Horror
Batman Action
Neighbors Comedy
Item inventory
ItemId : (pk)
Name: char
Title: char
Item Borrowed
Borrowed: int (pk)
Name: char (fk)
Type: Char (fk)
Borrowed Date: Date
Customer Name: Char
Due: Date


Microsoft 2016,Create a Database Model (also known as Entity Relationship diagram)Microsoft. (2016).,Create a Database Model (also known as Entity Relationship diagram). Retrieved November 13, 2016, from 201611131230551708458305

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