Information Systems Presentation

Information Systems Presentation






Information Systems Presentation

According to (Burke & Weill, 2018), an information system is made up of components that are connected so that they can work together to gather, process, hold and spread information that will aid in decision making, management, coordination, analysis and conjure in an organization. However, (Burke & Weill, 2018) also shares that the healthcare has its own information systems that enable it to be more efficient, saving cost and time. Some of the information systems in healthcare include radiology, pharmacy, surgical, emergency and dental. Each of the information systems is meant to help their specific department, however, they can be integrated into the main hospital system and be used together.

The radiology information system is a complex information system that is used in the radiology department to monitor the information and image files of patients. As shared by (Burke & Weill, 2018), it is used for coming up with report results, billing, monitor radiology images and hold the patients information. The pharmacy information system is a system designed to control and distributes drugs among patients. It has the ability to monitor on the finances used to purchase or sell. (Burke & Weill, 2018) shares that it holds the information of patients, their subscriptions, drug interactions, dosage and allergies as well.

The surgical information system is meant to assist the surgical department by coming up with schedules for surgical procedures, ease the documentation process and cost. However, this system can be integrated into the main hospital system. As shared by (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2017), this system is able to track the costs spent in surgical processes, hold the records of the patient and also come up with solutions. These solutions are in form of analyzed data and are either pre operational or post operational to help surgical processes. (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2017) also shares that the system also has been designed to hold the information of the patients for purposes of it being retrieved or viewed when necessary.


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