Internal vs. External Sources Comparison Chart

Recruitment and Retention Practices

University of Phoenix

HRM / 548

John Crisco

Kyle Steadham

February 19th 2017

# Strategy Advantages Disadvantages
1 Verification of Candidate- The verification of the candidates is a process whereby the employers ensure that they have verified the candidate prior to the to the employment so as to establish the criminal background, employment, and education background of the candidate as well as any other data that may be of help in verification of the candidate. The move is aimed at making sure that the candidate is honest regarding the experience they have and their credential. One of the advantages associated with the move is the fact that background checks on the criminal matters will assist in weighing the weight of the offenses that the candidates were accused, the time that has passed, and nature of the job that is being sought.The other advantage is that the employer will learn the credit history of an individual as well as verification of education credentials since not all candidates are honest. The other benefit is that the new employer is able to verify the prior employment and their work performance which is essential to understanding the type of employees a company is absorbing (Mandera 2012). One disadvantage of the strategy is that a deserving person may be denied an opportunity to get a certain job due to the past records which do not represent their present character. The other disadvantage is that the implementation of the strategy is time consuming and the deliverables may not be of great importance to a given position.
2 In-Depth Assessment- In-depth assessment is a strategy that entails understanding fully a candidate applying for a particular job. The strategy has a goal of making sure that the candidate recruited for a certain position has the competencies and the skills that are necessary to perform in a particular job. The strategy may at times involve the conducting of the pre-employment testing so as to make sure that the person selected is the best –suited for the position (Bosak 2011). One of the advantages of using the strategy is that the employers are able to predict the abilities of a given candidate to performing in the job applied for.The other benefit that is realized from the use of the strategy is that it helps the saving the cost of hiring the wrong people and making selection error that may have negative impact to a company as well as the management of time for the company. The strategy is cost effective, reliable, valid, equitable, and legal. One of the disadvantages of using the strategy is that it requires experts in the field which may be costly for a firm. The other limitation of the strategy is that it sometimes makes it difficult to find a candidate who is in possession of al characteristics that are required for an individual to be employed.
3 Preliminary Assessment of Eligible Candidates- This strategy entails the use of various approaches such as the in-person interview, video interview, and structured interview to ensure that they have obtained as much information as possible regarding a candidate. The strategy is aimed at understanding how the candidate will be responding to various issues that will be confronting them after they are hired. One of the benefits of the strategy is that the employer gets to know the applied skills and the tested work skills of the candidate before they are hired which is very important. The other advantage that is realized through the use of the strategy is that it enables the management or the recruiting panel to learn what the candidate will bring to the organization. The other advantage that is associated with the use of the strategy is that it allows for maximum interaction with the candidates which grants the recruiters opportunity to learn about their behavior and personality (Bosak 2011). One limitation for the use of the approach is that it is time consuming and very expensive affair for the company. The other limitation for a company to use the approach is that these tests may scare away good and eligible candidates.
Content 50% Points Available5 Max Points Earned
Review the following student materials to understand the nature of this assignment:W3- Internal vs. External Sources Comparison Chart & Grading RubricGuide to Peer-Reviewed References & APA FormattingStrategic Staffing, Ch. 6In this assignment you will complete a chart already designed for you. In the chart you will:Identify and define 3 strategies used to evaluate internal versus external candidates and describe the pros and cons of each strategyDescribe factors that should be considered when deciding whether to hire from within to seek external candidatesDescribe whether you would hire using an internal or external processFor all answers, you must defend your answers with examples and research.Complete the chart provided using size 10 Times New Roman font with single line spacing. Your total response must be at least 1000 words excluding references and the template instructions. 5 peer-reviewed references must be embedded in your responses along with the full citations listed in the appropriate cells. When you are finished, upload the complete the entire document to Assignment Files Tab.  
Organization / Development 25% Points Available2.5 Max Points Earned
The memo is at least 1000 words in length (excluding labels, headers, references)  
The template is used correctly.  
Mechanics 25% Points Earned2.5 Max Points Earned
Rules of grammar, word usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are followed.  
Sentences are complete, clear, varied, and concise with proper syntax.  
Used size 10 Times New Roman font for main body text and References.  
Used single between sentences and in References section.  
Used naming convention “FirstName_LastName_Week #_ Memo.doc” when saving and uploading file.  
LATE POLICY: Students should submit assignments according to Arizona time (MST) based on the assigned due dates. Late assignments will be penalized with a 10% grade deduction for each day late. Deadlines will be defined as 11:59 p.m. MST. Assignments submitted more than four days late will not be accepted. Assignments submitted after the last day of class will not be accepted. Total Points Available 10 Total Points Earned

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