M5A2 Reflective Analysis and Interpersonal Improvement Plan Worksheet

M5A2 Reflective Analysis and Interpersonal Improvement Plan Worksheet

Write the personal goal that you identified in Module 1 Assignment 3. For this goal, come up with a minimum of three intermediate goals. Then, describe at least two action items for each intermediate goal.

Personal goal: Work on communicating better with my peers through verbal and non-verbal actions; way I may respond to online peers also.

Intermediate Goal 1: Use sources in the Interpersonal Communication Course; Course I’m currently taking.

Action item 1: Use chapters within the online book for ways to communicate better. According to DeBrin, “another way of looking at the importance of interpersonal skills is that they enable you to connect with others” (2010, p. 3).

Action item 2: Use the “interpersonal skill training” as described in the book. According to DeBrin interpersonal skill training means, “the teaching of skills in dealing with others so they can be put into practice” (2010, p. 4).

Intermediate Goal 2: Use Interpersonal Skill Training

Action item 1: “Effectively translating and conveying information” (DeBrin, 2010, p. 4). Review all my post and replies to students, so I can ensure I’m communicating better.

Action item 2: “Being sensitive to others people’s feelings” (DeBrin, 2010, p. 4). Ensure my verbal and non-verbal comments are clear and doesn’t go against another’s personal ethic code.

Intermediate Goal 3: Utilize Discussion Board and Personal Peers for feedback.

Action item 1: Within the Discussion Board, comment to others post.

Action item 2: Practice speaking with my coworkers, peers, and etc. According to DeBrin, “implementing the new behavior and using feedback for fine-tuning is an excellent start in acquiring a new interpersonal skill” (2010, p. 8).

Intermediate Goal #1: As the course comes to an end, I’ve used the information I’ve learned to better assist with communicating with my peers. I’ve become an active listen, which is a person who “listens intensely, with the goal of empathizing with the speaker” (DeBrin, 2010, p. 386). This shows that the course has helped me with my main personal goal.

Intermediate Goal #2: Upon reviewing this goal, I noticed that I have successfully completed the goal. This goal was accomplished by learning the skill of competence; the “ability to accomplish your goals” (Online Lecture, 2016). I reviewed everything I was going to post twice and double check to make sure it was clear what I was trying to say to my classmates.

Intermediate Goal #3: Within the past five weeks, I’ve let this goal go unnoticed. However, I will look back on where it went wrong. Most of my peers didn’t respond to my comments, so I could determine how my responses made them feel. Nevertheless, I will go back and review my comments and see what I could have do differently.

Write the academic goal that you identified in Module 1 Assignment 3. For this goal, come up with a minimum of three intermediate goals. Then, describe at least two action items for each intermediate goal.

Academic goal: Improve on self-management skills, so I ensure all course work is completed in a timely manner.

Intermediate Goal 1: Review current schedule for areas of improvement.

Action item 1: Obtain Google Calendar Schedule. (Schedule has all Online Due Dates for Argosy University Current Course).

Action item 2: View and write down any areas that need improvement. (i.e. needing more time to complete papers, less time for studying, or etc.)

Intermediate Goal 2: Gather Information that needs improvement.

Action item 1: Gather the information and set a new time frame for the assignments. This is consider the action plan which means, “a series of steps of achieve a goal” (DuBrin, 2010, p. 8).

Action item 2: Clear the information from the calendar, and create the new time slot for the event. Make sure the assignment is created correctly and it covers the right amount of time needed to finish the assignment.

Intermediate Goal 3: Review the New Schedule as the week goes on.

Action item 1: As the week goes on, write down if any of the changes work or doesn’t work.

Action item 2: Print the schedule to place on desk, and mark any changes. Being able to see them visual will help me stay on task.

Intermediate Goal #1: This goal has been accomplished. I started off with reviewing what was placed on my calendar and the reminders I set to remind myself that something was due. Upon doing that, I copied my calendar and placed it on the way. I marked areas where I need more or less time to complete a task. This worked out great and I saw areas for improvement.

Intermediate Goal #2: I created an action plan “a series of steps of achieve a goal” (DeBrin, 2010, p. 8). Within this plan I placed that all writing assignments need two hours. The two hours will be placed on Saturday and Monday. This would allow time to write and then review before uploading into Dropbox.

Intermediate Goal #3: Upon reviewing the action plan, I noticed it worked. Writing my papers on Sunday and then reviewing them on Monday for two hours helped. I was able to ensure all my points were covered and my assignment was uploaded on time.

Write the professional goal that you identified in Module 1 Assignment 3. For this goal, come up with a minimum of three intermediate goals. Then, describe at least two action items for each intermediate goal.

Professional goal: Become more available to the students I transport to-and-from school.

Intermediate Goal 1: Purchase a hand calendar to write down important dates and the days I volunteer in the classroom.

Action item 1: Speak with parents and students, along with teachers, about date and times I would need to be available for help.

Action item 2: Place dates and times on the calendar. This will help with my professional development, which means “a specific area in which a persona needs to change or improve” (DeBrin, 2010, p. 10).

Intermediate Goal 2: Attend School Board Meetings to learn more opportunities to help and become available.

Action item 1: At every Board Meeting, carry hand calendar and note pad. Write all the important dates and what the event are. This will help when I review my school and personal calendar to ensure there are no conflicts.

Action item 2: Plan to speak with Board Members on any upcoming events that may ned my help.

Intermediate Goal 3: Provide tutoring and weekend support to students.

Action item 1: This will help my development professionally. Allow students to express themselves. Bring work that will help them develop into better students.

Action item 2: Connect with local groups to get community service projects. This will help my develop better professional skills and become available to the community.

Intermediate Goal #1: This goal was changed within a week. I did not get a handheld calendar, but I placed all my important dates for students on my Google Calendar. This helped me see my study, work, and etc. times. This helped ensure I didn’t overbook myself throughout the week and miss important dates and times.

Intermediate Goal #2: Upon achieving this goal, I did my research first. I learned that every first Tuesday in the month the school board held their meetings. After going to meetings, I connected with a lot of people. I was able to help start a volunteer program for students and help students become better readers.

Intermediate Goals #3: Tutoring and helping students are a major goal of mine. I was able to accomplish this goal but starting a weekend tutoring program with Red Cedar Elementary. The program helps ESOL learners. The program focuses on helping students achieve their reading level for the grade they are currently in.


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