MAT 543 Case Study 2 Quality Analysis

Case Study 2: Quality Analysis



MAT 543: Quantitative Methods for Health Services


  • Construct a fish-bone chart using Word or MS Paint.

Procedures of new patient processingComputer system

Procedures of existing patient processingTelephone system

Medical records

First in first out

Service available only to students

Improve evaluation of patients

Complaint type 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Visits
September 34 38 16 45 13 103 824
October 23 24 7 40 9 56 956
November 14 50 11 20 26 34 1167
December 67 40 12 17 34 9 1034
January 13 31 10 12 15 45 645
February 20 50 4 13 9 6 1645
March 23 97 18 23 4 3 1432
April 43 31 3 14 13 0 745
May 4 25 0 12 16 1 456
Total 241 396 81 196 139 257 8904
  • Construct a run and/or control chart using Excel


3. Recommend to the ambulatory health service on how it can improve the services it offers in its walk-in urgent care clinic, based on your analysis. Provide a rationale for your recommendation.

  • The quality of service received
  • Waiting time was too long
  • Follow up care was not available
    • Clinic was hard to find in the building
    • The medical care/treatment took too long
    • They could not find my medical record

Due to the fact for whatever reason, my laptop, which has the Microsoft Office suite for Mac on it, would not allow me to follow the steps I’ve found online to do the Run chart properly I can only go by the chart given and my fish-bone chart. What I would recommend to the ambulatory health service first is to focus on the wait time being too long. That’s where most of the complaints were so that’s where the focus should be. In order to cut down on the wait time there needs to be an increase in staff to get through as many people in less time. Your peak time where this complaint was the highest was during March. During this month is where you can hire “seasonal” or part time employees. The wait times will definitely decrease if we have more staff to see the students.

The next two things I would focus on would be the quality of service and not being able to find the medical record. These two correlate because not being able to find the patient’s medical records is not good customer service. The patient has to wait longer to be seen because we don’t have the proper paperwork to assess them properly. Their personal information is in those files and not being able to find them is unprofessional, which relates back to quality of service. Now we have to take time to find those files or have the patient fill out the forms again needed to see them. To resolve this issue, I would have training with the staff about data entry and making sure we are keeping those files up to date. This training would also focus customer service, where we focus on how to make the customer feel welcomed and happy to be here. Customer service is what drives the clinic because without the patients coming and wanting to return there will be no longer be a clinic for the students. Once these top three issues are being handled I would then focus on the other complaints because the wait time has to be trimmed down and our main priority.

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