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Mr. Jason,

With respect I would like to inform you that your services will terminate after the current contract expiration in next three month.

This is unfortunate for us to tell that since last one year, we have repeatedly experienced bad services for cleaning our company’s interior and exteriors. We tried to remind you every possible way to improve the services but might be due to having some unforeseen reasons we didn’t get good feedbacks from our operational admin team however, we are pleased with your current services management and took this tough decision.

Management also decided to keep relationship with you in future if you agree to manage a balanced kind of reputation and business commitment.

I hope you would join us in future with improved services proposal which must consider your services commitment till then we will be finding out a company that can fulfill our operational admin department expectations.

Thank You.



Operational Manager| Policy Plan Insurance Services


Newman and Ober (2013). Business Communication: In Person, In Print, Online. South-Western.

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