NR 500 Week 2 Discussion

This week’s topic is centered on the concept of caring in contemporary nursing practice. In your initial response, provide a definition of caring that aligns with your perspective on the concept of caring. Identify your selected program of study specialty track (Executive, Education, FNP, Healthcare Policy, or Nursing Informatics). Describe how you will apply the principles of caring and holistic nursing in your future professional practice. Use at least one outside scholarly article to support your position. Provide an example to illustrate an application to professional practice.

When illness falls on an individual, no matter the severity, it can be devastating and change life’s course. Nursing requires that one not only be knowledgeable of disease processes and aid in recovery, but also empathetic with what patients are going through and provide support of mind, body, spirit, and family. It is easy for nurses to become task oriented, rather than focusing on patient care. However, caring does not take any effort. Having a listening ear, sitting quietly, painting finger nails, brushing hair, patience, honesty, or just going one step further than necessary can make all the difference.

The role of the nurse has changed through the years. Like these changing roles, the mission of caring must follow. The change in roles requires that caring become an integral part of patient outcomes. There are many definitions for caring. However, they all have common elements: empathy, respect, compassion, and a simple regard for others well-being . The caring of patients has become more complex and involves more than treating symptoms. Caring is a part of healing. Healing is a transformative process that results in positive change and movement towards wholeness regardless of disease . The family, environment, home life, work life, and psychological and social well-being are all a part of caring and healing. We cannot distance ourselves from the lives of patients, therefore caring is a must.

My own story is that I have always wanted to be nurse. I can remember when my mom would come home and tell me about her patients. She spoke of the joy she bought to them and the joy they brought to her. I wanted that. I wanted the happiness of being happy because I made someone else happy. I am a naturally nurturing and giving individual. I care about people and how they feel. I will go the extra mile to ensure that others are fulfilled even if it is simply to get them a cup of water. Nothing is too insignificant. Often it is these insignificant things that can bring an individual back from the brink of death. According to Webster’s dictionary, caring is the act of showing kindness with no regard and having the ability to empathize . This is exactly who I am and what I plan to continue to be and bring to my practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I will continue to consider what my patients are going through, because often we do not know the back story, and give the best care possible. Treating them with respect, listening and tending to their every need and concern no matter the treatment towards me. I will share in their highs and lows, by providing celebratory words and encouragement, and being a shoulder to cry on. By continuing to educate myself, I will be source of information that they can depend and rely on.


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