Operational Technology and Management Plan

Operational, Technology and Management Plan

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Operations, technology and management plan

Operational plan

The main objective of this Orchid Teas is develop a beverage drink that meets the needs of customers of all natures, with minimal harm to the users and provide the desired refreshment in addition to the satisfaction and health improvement.

In order to achieve this, Orchid teas will employ the services of chemical analysts, to carry out research on the various raw materials used in the manufacturing process, assess the suitability as well as identify other ingredients that could be added to boost the taste and quality of the drink. The analysts will also oversee the production process and run tests on the final product to assess its suitability. This would be aimed at ensuring that the final products meets the desired standards of the market as well as the company’s promise to the consumers. To ascertain the quality of the products, the final products will also be taken through the national bureau of standards for tasting before releasing to the market. In order to meet the desired standards, the company aims at employing qualified workers with skills and knowledge in the analysis of chemical components and establishment of quality required in the manufacture of beverages (Manthorpe, Moriarty, Stevens, Hussein & Sharpe, 2014). After manufacture of the final product, Orchid will first be taken to the company’s bottling section after which it will be distributed through suppliers to the distributors who will take them to the retailers and consumers. The adoption of this mode of distribution on the fact that there would be a significant reduction in the cost of distribution.

Sources of funds

The main source of funding for the company will be from the stakeholders’ contribution and well as the use of creditors. The company will make sure that their products are favorable in the market and a proper auditing is done in a bid to attract an adequate number of creditors and external investors to the company to keep the company funded.

Research and development

Innovation is the key to a company’s development and staying atop other companies (Sütőová, 2018). In this connection will set a research committee that would be carrying out a number of researches on the new technology in the market that would result in the production of high quality beverages as well as increasing the production rate to match the demand in the market. The team will be charged with the role of innovating both the raw materials as well as the mechanization of the system to increase service delivery.

Technology plan

Technology is responsible for all the transformations that take place in any organization. Orchid teas is also focused on the employment of the latest technology in the running of the business in a bid to keep the business running in terms of quality and quantity as well timely delivery. The industrial sector is rapidly moving towards automation in its operation. In tandem with this trends, Orchid Teas has opted on the use of a number of software designs for running its operation. The operation process will be based on the programmable logic controllers (PLC), where production process will be void of human involvement directly. This will leave the monitoring process to those in the control room. This will cut down the cost of employing human labor to man the production process. Additionally other technologies some of the technologies that would be employed include e-commerce websites through which the company will be put in a position to apply order-profiles which will be used for setting the rules for active trading. Orchid Teas is also focused on the adoption of voice technology that has replaced the use of traditional handheld scanners will have an effect of increasing the speed of order picking and the total operation process. This will have an effect of reducing the cost as well as increasing on the accuracy of the operation system.

Management and organization

Orchid Teas’ management team will be made up of mainly members having a wide scope of experience in the food and beverage industry, over 20 years in the industry, in a bid to bring expertise and experience in the production process that would help maintain the desired quality of beverages as promised to the customers. The company will have one CEO and three manager reporting to him. The company will have a project manager reporting to the three managers. The project manager will be tasked with the overseeing the production process and ensuring that the various products meet the required standards, there are adequate products under each product line and the as well as managing the distribution process. The project manager will be run the production process assisted by two virtual assistants.

Ethics and Social responsibility

Orchid Teas aims at establishing and maintaining an admirable public image. This would be through its service delivery process as well as the consideration for the welfare of the community in which it is established. In this regard, the company will participate in a number of community based programs that will be aimed at uplifting the living standards of the lowly in the society. The company will also make sure that its workers adhere to the norms of the community in the delivery of services, embracing and upholding integrity in all their involvements/. The company will also make sure that there is corporate social responsibility as a component of the organization, this would be through ensuring that there is a high level of employee as well as customer satisfaction. This is from the fact that employee are also part of the society and thus satisfying the employees will a long way in satisfying the needs of the customer and the community at large.

Management team will also embrace honesty, professionalism and active participation on ten running of the operation process to work as an example to the workers. Leadership with integrity will run from the top leadership which make it easy to trickle down to the workers,

Environmental protection

Orchid Teas will also participate in the protection of the environment by recycling the main waste produced from the production process. The company will also set up special days when the workers and the company management in collaboration with the community will participate in the cleaning of the environment within which the organization exists.

Health issues

The main objective of Orchid Teas is to establish a beverage that would provide refreshments to the user as well as taking care of the health of the user. There will therefore be a thorough analysis of the various products used in the production process to see to it that they meet the health standards set by the national bureau of standards. Orchid teas will also be made from locally available organic products which have minimal harm to the health of the users.


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